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Who is this 💥💥💥ing man ?

My name is Valentin Panis, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently in 3rd year at ECV Digital.



Master _ Webdesign


Bachelor _ Chef de projet web


DUT _ Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet


2017 - MAYBE YOU ?

Interactive designer


Designer and front-end developer

2016 - Digitela _ 3 months


What I do ?

UI design

I use softwares like Sketch to design creative interfaces which are clear and intuitive. Also, I’m very interested in minimalist interfaces, so I like getting to the point with my interface design.

UX design

When I design interfaces, I grant very much importance to the user experience: I strive to offer memorable and affordable experiences to all users.

Front-end development

I’m one of those who think designers need to have a minimum knowledge in code. So, I’m developing my front-end development skills.

Motion design

I think visual interactions are very important when you create an interface. During the first years of my studies, I learned the base of After Effects to create motion design works. Now, I use After Effects to create and test animations of visual interactions before developing them.

Art direction

I grant very much importance to the brand identity. Also, during the first years of my studies I developed my graphic design skills with the Adobe creative suite. Today, I’m able to manage the artistic direction of projects.

I am a young, passionate, curious and open-minded person. I am very motivated to find the dream team to work with in the coming years.

Photo Valentin Panis

I'm looking for an amazing team

As part of my fourth year at the ECV Digital School, I am looking for a block release training. The rhythm of alternation will be 4/5 that is: 4 days in the company and one day at school. This rhythm is advantageous as it allows to follow the projects from the beginning to the end.

I would like to find an innovative company or agency, with a passionate team that will make me evolve and enrich me. In exchange, I will do my best to carry out the various missions. I will try to bring you a new vision, young and creative.

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